About Us


         GK Processing is a seismic data processing company co-founded by former Geofizyka Kraków S.A. geophysicists and a group of strategic (financial) investors.

         When the decision was announced to liquidate Geofizyka Krakow, the core team of its seismic data processors moved to a newly created company together with their long experience, and processing proficiency. Thanks to generous financial support provided by strategic investors, GK Processing center is conveniently located in Kraków vicinity, close to the Kraków-Balice airport, has excellent IT infrastructure and is equipped with sufficient hardware resources to meet high expectations of our clients. And what is probably the most important, GK Processing tool remains the same, i.e. OMEGA Processing and Imaging System, developed by Schlumberger. OMEGA, the world leading software, and our crew with up to 24 years of experience in OMEGA processing allow for providing our clients with high-quality product and meet their expectations without compromise.